San Francisco’s Mayor Newsom is working on the problems of our City’s poorest neighborhoods. He’s going into Hunter’s Point, talking to families of people killed there, and encouraging witnesses to those murders to finally come forward, with both rewards and promises of safety in the witness protection program. This is one of those 100th Monkey situations. People murder with impunity and no one will testify against them because if they do, they’ll get murdered with impunity. But once people start to come forward, and there are ramifications for these crimes, then killing witnesses won’t really be an option, because (1) you’d be in jail and (2) you’d get caught for the murder of the witness. But it takes a lot of bravery for the first few people to step forward and turn the tide around. I hope that they will do so, because too many people are living in danger in Hunter’s Point.
No one has come for the bird, despite posting signs at the pet store, and with the SPCA. Nonetheless, that little lost bird has found a home, with friend/neighbor Catherine and I. We are keeping him. Lil Greenie has two mommies.
March 11th, we woke up to the story of the Madrid bombings. A small bird was adopted today in a difficult and sometimes terrible world.