Today’s SF Chronicle reports that state authorities are warning local bars that they cannot serve artisan infused liquors. Certainly, there’s a place for health regulation of on-site alcohol sales. But infused liquors are based on, yes, alcohol, and alcohol kills germs. That’s what’s kept me healthy ever since turning 21. So the health risks from a limoncello, or rosemary infused rye, or whatever they are serving at Bourbon and Branch or Starbelly this week, are nil. There’s an analogy to be drawn between the state rectification laws and the work I do with programmers and coders. Laws that were written to resolve a certain set of problems are being used to hinder creativity not connected to those social ills. For whatever reason, we aren’t seeing the kind of forbearance from enforcement that one would hope for in order to allow innovation to proceed. So we probably have to change the laws. In the meanwhile, in solidarity with the bartender community, I’m making up some homemade limon- and grapefruitcello in my kitchen pantry. Photos below.

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