Today at the local market, I was in line two people behind a frowsy older lady with two pekingese dogs and her hair in a turban. Another pekingese was tied up outside. I commented that “each one is cuter than the last”. She said that the one outside wasn’t hers, but another lady’s, that lady then appeared, they greeted each other, kissed, greeted me. A younger man came in, the dogs ran over, the frowsy lady called him Uncle Dougie, and chastised him for taking her dogs for such a long walk the day before that they’d slept all night, exhausted. She then bought six holiday scratch off lottery tickets and breezed out. The grey-haired lady one in front of me said nothing. She was buying a chicken pot pie for one and some macaroni and cheese. Is personality fate, or is fate personality? Happy New Year.