Brian is in town on business, so last night he and I went out with some friends of his, first to a Harvard Business School party at “Soho”, I think, then to a bar called Propaganda in Roppangi. At the HBS party, the bar looks like you’re tightly glassed in next to a minature version of New York’s Guggenheim. I was first introduced to two women who worked at Disney and DeBeers, two of my top nemesis companies. Disney I have a love-hate thing going on with. Toy Story is one of my favorite movies, but we spend a lot of time at the Center disagreeing with the company on copyright issues. DeBeers is another matter entirely. The woman was carrying an ostentatious Dior purse, in the Tokyo style.

We left there after some hedge fund apologist annoyed Brian and headed for the bar. Strangely, it reminded me of every American bar I’ve ever been in in any foreign country I’ve ever been in. Except that the people were even drunker! Someone passed out in a locked stall in the ladies room and the flirtatious bar back had to go in there with a screwdriver to pry her out. At about 2:30 A, I took my leave and battled the other early-departing older members of the partying crowds for a taxi. There were lots and lots of people and several cabs there, but they all appeared to be waiting for something other than being hailed. I walked about a half mile down the street for a better vantage point, but there were drunk people there too, and they were very aggressive! Finally, some kind soul pulled over and took me to my hotel, following the directions on the full color GPS driven map he had in the cab. The ride cost US$40, but now I can cross Roppongi off my list.