Wired News: Let Post-Election Debugging Begin is my column about how the sloppy adoption of new voting technologies threatens the (small “d”) democratic vote.

At the time I wrote this, I didn’t know that Former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton, South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford and Ohio Representative Steve Chabot were turned away from the polls. Chabot faced the database problem I discuss in the column, while it appears that Clinton may have been purged from the rolls. The Governor didn’t have the appropriate voter registration card with him, though his wife was heard to remind him that she had told him to take it but he nonetheless failed to do so. Two lessons: One, even if your husband were Governor, his absent-minded disorganization would still drive you nuts. Two, while e-voting problems were not as bad as some had predicted, in squeaker races like we have still pending this morning, every vote makes a difference.