Dear Jennifer,

I was very interested in your article featured on Wired this morning on how web 2.0 could be used to enforce democracy.

Some of the ideas you presented reminded me of some services available here in the UK that take publicy available information and put it to use as tools for keeping a check on our politicians.

If you’re not already aware of these sites I’d recommend you take a look: – a record of each British MP and their voting record as well as a log of their every word (spoken or written) in Parliament – a great facility for e-mailing one’s MP – a service which allows constituents so sign up to updates from their MP. Once a certain number have signed up the MP is requested to send a message to all those who have signed up. – this site gives people a briefing of number 10’s daily press briefing for digestion and discussion. – this service also shows the voting record of MPs and has contributed much of the source code to the aforementioned services. – the Parliament Parser project which enables many of the above services to display the information in the way they do.

I hope these will give you some inspiration – they certainly helped me in a campaign which leveraged the power of these services to engage everyday people in politics and keeping a check on their MPs.

Best regards,

Phil Peter