Tonight is our last real night in Tokyo. We leave for Hokkaido tomorrow morning, and while we’ll be back to sleep over on Friday before our flight home on Saturday, it will be part of travelling through here, not part of living here.

While I won’t be sorry to return to my beloved San Francisco, I’m sad to leave here. I love Tokyo. Many times when I travel I think, oh, I’m walking down the wrong street, the guidebook doesn’t show anything down there, so continuing would be a waste of time, I should turn around. In Tokyo, that’s never true. There are no streets with nothing down them. Everywhere you go, there’s a hidden gem. Curiousity is rewarded. Even if you put together all the guidebooks and all the websites in the world, they still wouldn’t list everything that’s wonderful about Tokyo. You are discovering things all the time.

I’ll write more about the trip when I’m back on line, but for now, farewell, Tokyo!