Upon my return from Brazil, I noticed that one of my 450 bug bites was getting worse, not better…. At this point, some unlucky few know where this is going, but let me draw it out. The jungle was not the place for me and Brad. In a world where every plant has 8 other plants growing on top of it, we were virgin real estate, and insects took every advantage. Within 2 days, we were covered head to toe with chigger bites and had to splurge for a fancy anti-itch cream, which we lovingly applied to each other each night. Still, this one was different, and it appeared to be growing.

I visited the doctor several times, and it was diagnosed as “infected”. I took antibiotics, which didn’t work, and I complained that it itched, and sometimes, particularly at night, it Really Really hurt. Finally, the doctors decided it was an abcess and needed to be drained.

The bite was on my back, so I lay on my stomach and told the nurse, I’ve had it for a couple of weeks ever since I got back from Brazil, and it itches and sometimes it really really hurts. I think there’s a bug in there, but everyone says its just infected so here I am.

After she was done, she asked me, “are you squeamish? Because I have something to tell you you’re not going to like.” She showed it to me while I was still sitting down. A 2 cm long botfly larvae. For more stories, and links to gruesome pictures, check this out.