Today, I filed comments with the Copyright Office on behalf of people who want to unlock their mobile phones and use them on other networks. Readers of The Shout are familiar with the issue from my Wired News column of a few weeks back, Free the Cell Phone. The comments, and more about the argument I make, are available from the Center for Internet and Society website, here.

For comments on why the whole commenting process is a Kafkaesque game, impossible to win, check out the EFF analysis here.

I’ve learned that participating in the rulemaking process isn’t my cup of tea. You send in your comments, as do lots of other people, and a few months later one of your mailing lists notifies you that the rules have issued. When you check them out, you see that your concerns went completely unaddressed, and you have no idea why. I much prefer litigation, where at the very least the judge has to look you in the face and tell you “no”.

We’ll see what happens with these comments. I suspect it will make the mobile carriers very mad, but I hope that more consumers and environmentalists will join us and file reply comments supporting our position. The reply comments are due February 1. Interested parties should contact me.
My latest Wired News column is on 1282,69771,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_2″>privacy and facial recognition technology.