I received a large amount of commentary on my most recent Wired column. I decided when I started writing the column that I would not reply personally to letters, if only to save time and sanity, but I greatly appreciate hearing from people. A large number of the emails were from people claiming that “intelligent design” is equally or more valid than evolution. A smaller group argued that I gave ID too much credit by calling it a “theory” when its really just a superstition. There were a thoughtful handful debating whether copyright law and moral rights weren’t exactly the right tools to prevent the impropriety of cloaking ID in the mantal of science. And a final set were personal attacks, from evolutionists and ID purveyors alike. Here is my favorite:

Wrong! Look to what you are trying to acomplish first. Is it right or is it wrong. Then go to your toolbox and see what is available. You get tripped up with sophistry. I think that you are a whako with a platform!

Whako with a Platform. Beautiful!