I’m having such a great San Francisco weekend. On Friday, it was the mousetrap. Last night, we went to the Mystery Ball, which was very fun. Great costumes, good food and music, fun crowd. I wore my tiger costume and Brad wore the caveman costume I made.

Then today, Todd and I were walking the dog at her favorite park when we realized it was Soap Box Derby day. The princess and her Barbie car were there, (“Math is Hard”) as was a beer keg car, a speedy enclosed contraption, a bouncer that rolled on a back wheel pinned off center and various other contraptions. We saw several near misses and two collisions. As I was leaving, one guy was proclaiming happily about having flipped his machine, and a man dragging his car up behind the flipper overheard and gave him props, “You really flipped!”. Then the second guy’s friend asked, “didn’t you flip, too?” To which the cheerleader cheerily replied “yeah, and I think I broke my thumb!”