As an aside in a NY Times story about an allegedly haunted house, the reporter mentions that liberals are more likely than conservatives to believe in ghosts. Meanwhile, the National Academy of Sciences has refused to give Kansas permission to use its copyrighted science curriculum because it disapproves of the state policy to teach the hooey of intelligent design. I’m wondering what we ghost-fearing copyright liberals will have to say about that.
We started the Halloween weekend with dinner with our friends David and Simone, and then a trip in the rain to see the Life Size Mousetrap. Its amazing. Brad and I – probably as a result of the good graces in which David and Simone find themselves with every member of the San Francisco alt.culture.scene – got to raise the giant safe up with a hand-cranked crane, and then let loose the bowling ball, the forward motion of which eventually resulted in the safe falling on top of and smashing to bits a giant pumpkin. We also almost rode on a merrygoround powered by bicycles, until the safety clowns noticed that the wheels had literally come of the truck and the swingers were held onto the contraption only by the lynchpin. You heard me, “safety clowns”. I love San Francisco. Here, we embrace the preposterous.