Most of yesterday I was a “Workshop on ID Management”. The discussion, driven mainly by well-intentioned privacy likers ensconced in commercial firms, centered around how people (consumers) _want_ to share their private information with companies so that companies can provide them better service, like wouldn’t it be great if Budget Rental Car Co. knows that I prefer to drive a Porche? Sharing that information would benefit everyone. All we need is a “user-centered” infrastructure that allows me to share what information I want, and allows the firms to ascertain that the shared information is accurate. My computer will make sure they get true information about me, and then I can rent a Porche. Ah, the brightness of the future.

But I can’t criticize, because my bi-weekly Wired News column is now posted: Free The Cellphone. Its not building houses for people in New Orleans, fighting for democracy in China, or saving lives in Africa, but its digital civil liberties, damn it!

More on ID Management later. Meanwhile, you can watch this fun presentation from Dick Hardt.