In our last few days in China, we decided to avoid the Ming and the Qing and “tourist modern China”. This mainly involved shopping and going out to dinner and drinks with friends. Photos are forthcoming, but meanwhile, as I recover from jet lag, I’ll do some shorter posts about what we learned while there:

There are several levels of fakes in China. For example, in DVDs, the fakes are rated from 1 to 9. DVD 9 is a copy of the real DVD. DVD 1 would be something filmed with a camcorder off a movie screen, for example. But even the fakes are faked. Something will say DVD 9, but actually be of lesser quality. Same with Rolex watches. A high quality fake will have a Swiss mechanism and be a good quality watch, but not a Rolex. A low quality fake will lose an hour and half the first day you have it, and 12 hours over the rest of your trip. The band will pop off one day, and the watch will end up in the hotel waste basket.

If you are at Ya Xiu (Ya Show) Clothing Market, and the sales girl quotes you a price of 340 RMB (US$42) for a skirt and you walk away in disgust, she will rapidly drop the price and yell after you that she’ll give it to you for 100 RMB (US$12.50), and when you go back and you get the skirt for 80 RMB (US$10), you will still have paid quite a bit too much.