Tomorrow, I am going to dinner at Nicole and Todd’s house to acquit ourselves of the quintessential Urban Tribe responsibility, entertaining a friend’s visiting parents. This won’t be so hard with Nicole’s parents, who are very sociable, particularly her father, who mixes an excellent Manhattan. I promised I would bring dessert to the dinner, since Nicole always works so hard whenever she cooks. I decided to test drive my dessert idea this evening when Brad and I go for dinner at the home of a friend from work.

It was good I did. I’d planned to make berry tarts but use fillo instead of making pastry crust. I then realized that the filling doesn’t get cooked, so I’d have to cook the fillo separately, but if I did that, it would be puffy instead of tart shell shaped. So instead of tarts, I decided I had to stuff the fillo squares with the berries and filling instead. The experiment appears to have been successful: