I was asking Brad this morning about Israel – which he has visited and I have not – and its security practices. I was wondering how it feels to live with constant searches and surveillance, as these are usually proposed as a deterrent to attacks like the London subway bombing. Brad pointed out that Israel is filled with young soldiers with guns, and they get these young soldiers through the draft. They also only have two airlines. I wonder whether the United States could replicate the Israeli security practices without a draft. Who would work as security guards? These are people who are the first line of defense, and often the first blown up, in the line of minimum wage duty. I suppose we have an equal proportion of financially strapped but hopeful people who would take these jobs, much as Americans join the armed forces now, or as Iraqis become police officers, knowing that they are making targets out of themselves, and that the government can’t protect them. Is it a special, but perhaps not rare, combination of financial desperation or the desire to serve that drives people to those jobs?