So Hilden did a pretty good job of finding an academic reason why people might be interested in the Washintonienne story. (See previous post.) But however you dress it up, the fact is people are fascinated by the sordid details of other people’s sex lives. I think its because we all pretend to deal with our romantic and sexual matters in a thoughtful and appropriate way, but the common practices are far more twisted, deviant and complicated than anyone in polite society lets on. We have an inkling of this, but we haven’t fully accepted or embraced it. Even people who you’d think would know better from their own experience are confused. For example, Cutler thinks she just wants to be a housewife and have polite sex, while she’s actually a woman sleeping with 6 men, some of whom are paying her and others of whom are spanking her. She’s going to be happy being someone’s housewife? Yeah, I don’t think so.

In the realm of uncovering the embarrassing truth about the way people think about sex was this great segment on This American Life the other weekend. A young woman was reading from her teenage diary entries written when she was 13. She’d just started public school and was getting decidedly slutty. It was recorded for something called Mortified, which is a reveal-yourself open mike kind of thing. Her rendition of her childhood self was hysterical, but the writing was actually a lot like the Washintonienne excerpts quoted in the lawsuit! I was laughing aloud in the car. Its well worth listening to. Go to This American Life website. Its the June 25th episode.