For privacy advocates:

There’s a really interesting lawsuit going on about the disclosure of private information and these kiss and tell blogs. I also like the article by Julie Hilden explaining the law, though Julie looks a little depressed in that picture. She shouldn’t be, its a cool article! I particularly like her discussion of whether the plaintiff will be able to prevail on the question of whether there’s an “absence of legitimate concern to the public” with respect to the publication. On the one hand, who cares what kind of sex this chick is having with one of Senator DeWine’s aides. On the other, Ms. Hilden explains, this is a window into the politics of sexual power in Washington. After comparing and contrasting the author (Cutler) with Monica Lewinsky, Hilden opines:

Cutler’s blog, interestingly, isn’t just “kiss and tell.” Along the way, it reveals the double standard that still applies to, and confuses, so many women. Even as Cutler mulled whether she and Steinbuch might marry (he’s Jewish; she isn’t), she also worried that their “nasty sex” wasn’t appropriate for a married couple. And meanwhile, she had been dating five other men, and taking money from at least one of them!

If the questions of what it means to be a wife, and what it means to be a whore, are political as well as personal questions – and I think they are — then this blog definitely (if often inadvertently) had something political to say. That, too, may provide a defense Cutler can raise in Steinbuch’s suit.

Great analysis. And if you’re wondering what’s so nasty that married people can’t even do it, read the complaint! Who says the law is dull?