I’ve just spent the weekend with my family, including my aunt, uncle and brother-in-law, all of whom are Republicans. We did not talk politics. Though the remainder of the family and family friends frequently referred positively to Kerry and fretfully about W. among ourselves, there was no open discussion of our choices for fear of bad blood. The fears are valid. I think there are few reasons one could say they will vote for Bush that would not produce my adverse judgement of their character. Because of that, I’ve lost the opportunity to find out what makes regular, smart people want to vote Republican this year. I’m more ignorant than I should be, because of my abiding certainty that those Republicans are yet still more ignorant. Does anyone constructively argue politics these days?

I will be working on the Granick Slate Card this week. If you want to receive it when it is done, subscribe to the slate card mailing list, by sending email to majordomo_at_www.granick.com with the words “subscribe slatecard” in the body.

Today is the last day for Californians to register to vote in the November 2 election. Your registration form must be postmarked by midnight tonight, or deposited with your county registrar. To see if you are registered to vote, you can find your county election website here. Each county should have a way to find your polling place, view your ballot, etc.

More soon on ranked choice voting, which we are doing in San Francisco, and then look for the slate card by next Monday.