U.S. citizens beware! If you’re declared an enemy combatant, you can be held during wartime in prison without a lawyer, a hearing, or charges of any kind. This is the recent decision of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Hamdi v. Rumsfeld. Who’s an “enemy combatant”? Well, since Hamdi was “captured in a zone of active combat in a foreign theater of conflict”, a two page declaration from a Defense Department functionary is enough to lock him up until the War on Terrorism is over. For more on the damning evidence against Mr. Hamdi, read this Washington Post article detailing the trial court’s concerns. “I have no desire to have an enemy combatant get out of any status,” [Judge] Doumar said. “However, I do think that due process requires something other than a basic assertion by someone named Mobbs that they have looked at some papers and therefore they have determined he should be held incommunicado. Just think of the impact of that. Is that what we’re fighting for?”