I forgot to post this earlier: my review in Wired of a new footpad for Dance Dance Revolution.
From the 1, 4439590.story?coll=la-home-headlines”>L.A. Times (registration required):

After Sept. 11, the biggest fear of terrorists using the Internet was their potential to disable air traffic control systems or disrupt the electric power grid of the United States. Billions were spent shoring up infrastructure defense.

Although those concerns remain, authorities said no incident of cyber-terrorism has been recorded and worries have receded.

Instead, the discovery of the December manifesto, the arrest in Pakistan last month and the accumulation of other evidence are leading to recognition that for now, at least, cyberspace is not a weapon for Al Qaeda, but a tool � one more difficult to counter than gunmen huddled in caves and tents.
Today, as of about 10:30 PM, I am an aunt, to Carter Lankford. Hooray, and special thanks to my sister Courtney, who made it all possible, and to her husband Jesse, our front-line man. All three of them are doing fine.