Brad and I are safely arrived and settled in Tokyo. Every time I’ve considered blogging this week, I’ve thought that instead I would wait until after the next interesting thing we did. But finally, I must blog, because the sashimi we had last night deserves it.

Yuko, a friend through Stanford and a lawyer here in Tokyo, took us to a traditional Japanese style restaurant in the Roppongi area. It was not kaiseki, Yuko explained, because kaiseki has rules and this restaurant was only following the rules about 80%. Still, it was elaborate and fancy, as the pictures show.

The dinner was fixed price, whatever the chef made. First course was a small pyramid of green beans in sesame. The beans, the waiter informed us, were grown in the garden of the owner’s mother. Next was two rounds of saba-like nigiri. Yuko said the fish was called aji. Then we had a porridge, pictured here. The jelly was kind of cool and the miso pudding was a bit grainy so it was an interesting feel, and very refreshing.

Most fantastic was the sashimi. I’ve added notes explaining the plate to the photo. Finally, we had a grilled fish, which was simple and fresh. A plum/red wine jelly finished the meal. We also had three glasses of sake, shared among us. Price: 44500 yen, or about US$400. Gug!

Afterwards, we went to the Absolut Ice Bar Tokyo. This is a bar made entirely of ice from a Swedish river. Even the glasses from which you drink your beautiful multicolored cocktails are made entirely of ice. My pictures do not do it justice. Also, it’s really, really cold in there. I love this kind of thing. Lots of energy creating a gimmick solely to amuse me. That’s why I love Las Vegas, too.