February 2005

Funny and twisted.

This could very well be the worst book I have ever tried to read.

Good morning, long-suffering The Shout readers. I have been away from blogging, doing other things like working and not paying attention to the state of the world. But I accidentially heard the radio news this morning. Bush was saying that Iran broke international contracts (treaties) saying they would not enrich uranium. “They broke their contract with the international community!” he declared indignately. This is incredible. It’s not incredible because its unbelievable; its true. But Bush is not a credible critic of countries that break international treaties. What about Geneva? ABM? At least we’re not planning to attack Iraq yet.

This is exactly the kind of book I hate.
It tries to make you think that democracy rests on the shoulders of those fascist Spartans, but its emotionally intense, and the art rocks.