October 2003

My new slate card for San Francisco’s November 4th, 2003 election is done. You can get it by clicking here. Vote early, vote often!

I’ll be posting my slate card for San Francisco’s upcoming November 4 election early next week, so any California voters who are interested should subscribe now. To subscribe, send email to majordomo at www.granick.com with the words “subscribe slatecard” in the body.

I returned home from Prague, where I spoke at the Information Security Forum Conference, to find that the Government has decided to concede the issues in my appeal of U.S. v. McDanel, and move to dismiss the case. I’m so pleased with this outcome, which is clearly the just thing. This case, and the case of Theofel v. Farey-Jones dramatically illustrate the point I’ve frequently argued in the past; that the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act is overly broad and arguably criminalizes behavior that is constitutionally protected, or even socially desirable. I’m looking forward to seeing whether this McDanel case will have other legal implications. But it certainly has forced the Government to state as policy what we argued was true all along, that people should not be prosecuted for disseminating truthful information about computer security.

I’m happy that General Wesley Clark has decided to run for President. Americans do want to feel safer, not just richer, every four years. The Democrats, perhaps with the exception of Howard Dean, have been very tentative in their criticism of the Iraq war. Clark brings credibility to Democratic criticism of our foreign policy. I’m beginning to look forward to the race.
The Granick Slate Card for the California Special Recall Election is now available! Click here. To subscribe to future slate cards, send email to majordomo@www.granick.com with the words “subscribe slatecard” in the body. Vote early, vote often!