August 2003

Readers may remember the tale of Mike Hawash, the Intel engineer detained for months without trial. Recently, he pled guilty to travelling with others from Portland to China in October 2001, in an unsuccessful attempt to enter Pakistan and Afghanistan to fight against U.S. forces. I think this is facinating, and I’m eager to see what his trial testimony ends up being. Are these guilty pleas a sign that federal law enforcement knows what its doing? Or are people pleading out of fear that they’ll essentially disappear without a hearing or a lawyer if they fight?

Here’s an article from the Washington Post on the factually-challenged Bush Administration’s efforts to pump up interest in a war against Iraq despite the lack of evidence of nuclear capabilities.

There’s a lot of new stuff out there about the Bush Administration’s practice of manipulating or ignoring facts, science and truth in favor of an over-arching all-encompassing ideology. Check out (dare I say it) Gore’s recent speech and Rep. Waxman’s website and report on numerous instances where the Administration has manipulated the scientific process and distorted or suppressed scientific findings.