I’ve been coming to this conference since defcon III. Danny took this picture with his cameraphone while I’m on the stage with my new colleagues on the EFF panel.

While in Paris last week, I took a cooking class with Marie-Blanche and I was the only student that day.  We were making chicken with a raspberry vinegar sauce and butchering the chicken.  It didn’t look like our chickens.  It was scrawny and had black scales showing where feet had been chopped off at the shins.  Somehow they hide that part from us in the U.S.  Inside the bird were the extras, and she was lecturing me: this is the gizzard, this is the liver, this is the heart.  “I do not know if you are a heart eater,” she said.  Not sure what was “cool” I told her that I had eaten hearts before, but it wasn’t something I found particularly enjoyable.  “Here in France, we do not eat the heart.  We are too sentimental.  Perhaps he has loved another chicken with this heart?”

space invaders!

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I spent the weekend keeping the planet safe from my weapons outpost at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.

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Loki is Yoda.

You might be interested in my stories and photos from our Center for Internet and Society fieldtrip to the Computer History Museum in San Jose.

Episode ten of the Austrian art, cialis culture and politics talkshow “taugshow” is now online. The show features JD Lenzen on chemistry and rope bondage, site and me, view talking about hackers and the law. This circus is ably hosted by the taugshow team, including MCs Johannes Grenzfurthner and Roland Gratzer. It was filmed at the Exploratorium here in S.F. with the help of many wonderful people. Check it out.

Is Oracle Using Computer Crime Law to Squelch Competition?

This is my Wired News column from last Wednesday.  I didn’t post it earlier because I was on vacation from work and the internet for a whole week!  But we did have to purchase the season finale of Battlestar Gallactica from iTunes.  I don’t think that breaks the internet fast, though.

Yesterday, our team came in second place in the Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt organized every year by Jayson Wechter. Yesterday was one of the best days of my life. We have been striving for victory in the Hunt for the past few years, each time finishing in a timely fashion, but missing a clue here or there. No longer. The team, consisting of Brad, Rob, Abigail, Ethan, Rebecca (who also navigates) and me, was in our finest form. Hooray! Next year, we move to the Master’s Division.

Wondercon 2007

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… with the Vice President of the Colonies, Richard Hatch. This self portrait was taken at this weekend’s Wondercon. So much fun. Thank you, Richard.

Taugshow #10

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Last night we filmed the Taugshow with monocrom at the Exploratorium. It was great fun. My cohost made green slime and tied up his girlfriend, order while I explained the intricacies of the First Amendment and the historical requirement of mens rea in criminal prohibitions. I also discussed whether a hacked teledildonics session (man in the middle attack, of course) could be prosecuted as rape. Oh, how I love my job.

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