My opinion piece “The Criminal NSA” co-authored with Professor Christopher Sprigman has been published in the New York Times. The op ed is about NSA spying programs Prism and the collection of all phone metadata about Americans.  An excerpt:

The two programs violate both the letter and the spirit of federal law. No statute explicitly authorizes mass surveillance. Through a series of legal contortions, look the Obama administration has argued that Congress, buy since 9/11, intended to implicitly authorize mass surveillance. But this strategy mostly consists of wordplay, fear-mongering and a highly selective reading of the law. Americans deserve better from the White House — and from President Obama, who has seemingly forgotten the constitutional law he once taught.

Calista visits EFF

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The Electronic Frontier Foundation and I are mentioned in this Wall Street Journal article about TI calculator hackers and the law.

Made Up Pasta #1

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Chanterelles are in the farmer’s market now, so I made up this pasta dish featuring them last night. Click on the photo for more pictures and the “recipe”.

Granick/Stones, 10/31/09

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After Nigel and the Ice Doll had a great Halloween with Izzy Elmo and Callie Elmo, we’re back to work in the brand new month of November.

Massachusetts cops can’t convert your car into a location tracker without a warrant. Will Federal Courts follow suit? Read more here.

Thanks to all who have called or emailed, medical wondering where the Granick Slate Card is.  I have planned to issue it a week before Election Day, ambulance October 27th, so apologies to all those who wanted to vote early.  Next election I will issue it two weeks before to accommodate you better.

The TWiT Netcast Network with Leo Laporte

Megan Morrone kindly invited Brad and I to talk about parenting in the digital age on Jumping Monkeys, a show she does with Leo Laporte.  We had a great time doing it, though I’m not sure we were a paragon of parental unity.  Apparently, Brad and I will have to work out whether we’re going to read Izz’ and Cal’s emails and when to have their GPS chip installed.

The Granick Slatecard will be out by midnight tonight.

The Granick Slate Card for Tuesday’s election is coming out later tonight, so if you want it without checking back here, make sure you are signed up.  Subscribe to the Slate Card here.

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