Suicide Bots is a great new blog about robots and the dirty things they do.

This is a portrait series of many of the robots that we’ve seen (met?) since we’ve been here. link

I have a feeling about the set overall, but I’ll be interested to hear what you guys think.

Robot Dinosaur

Why don’t you?

Brad’s latest column, Japan’s Love Affair with Androids opens a window into how we’ve been spending our time here, but it doesn’t tell the whole truth. For example, it doesn’t tell how we also have been having a love affair with robots.

Here are a few photos from our trip to Kawasaki for the RoboOne demonstration today. In a few days, I’ll have some great photos of the robots.

We won the state secrets issue in the Hepting v. ATT case, and the litigation will proceed.  There’s always the possibility that a narrower state secret issue may come up later on, and the government is sure to re-raise the issue, but this is a huge win.  Congratulations, EFF!

Also, my Wired News column on an interesting South Korean wiretap scandal and the different way that nation dealt with the problem is here.  It’s engendered the usual, “she must love terrorists!” response.  How trite. 

I won’t have time to read the ATT ruling, or respond to the lugheads who’ve commented on my column today, because Brad and I are going to have lunch with the mayor of the City of Fukuoka, in Kyushu, Japan today.  We’re also going to see some robots.  Photos soon.


This picture is from Saturday at RoboGames. What fun! High quality machines, a great variety of events and talents and microbrew. Who could ask for more? Oh, yeah, and a half-inch deep gash in the lexan. Now we’re satisfied.