Episode ten of the Austrian art, cialis culture and politics talkshow “taugshow” is now online. The show features JD Lenzen on chemistry and rope bondage, site and me, view talking about hackers and the law. This circus is ably hosted by the taugshow team, including MCs Johannes Grenzfurthner and Roland Gratzer. It was filmed at the Exploratorium here in S.F. with the help of many wonderful people. Check it out.

I agreed to be on taugshow, a alt.TV show by the good folks at monochrom.  The show appears to be well described by the adjective “zany”, and is going to be filmed on February 11 at 8PM the Exploratorium.   You can come and see the filming.  In fact, you should come and see the filming.  It will be in English.  My co-star is J.D. Lenzen — by day an environmental chemist, by night a rope bondage instructor.  And I will strive to make the law seem comparably interesting.  I’ll be talking about hacking.

Robot Dinosaur

Why don’t you?

The Geek Entertainment TV episode on NerdSalon and
Roomba cockfights! hosted by the lovely Violet Blue and featuring me, discount Annalee Newitz and Roomba hacker extraordinaire Phil Torrone is now available.

Les Pyjamas Du Chat (originally on Accidential Moron, remedy which is now defunct). The video stars me, costars Mr. Boodles, and was produced by Brad Stone, music direction by Kris Kosach, and directed by Alex Wellen.