The TWiT Netcast Network with Leo Laporte

Megan Morrone kindly invited Brad and I to talk about parenting in the digital age on Jumping Monkeys, a show she does with Leo Laporte.  We had a great time doing it, though I’m not sure we were a paragon of parental unity.  Apparently, Brad and I will have to work out whether we’re going to read Izz’ and Cal’s emails and when to have their GPS chip installed.

The audio from theStanford Technology Law Review’s Fourth Amendment Symposium

is now available. Look under “Announcements” in the right hand column. I particularly enjoyed Erin Murphy’s comments on Susan Friewald’s paper and Donald Dripps’ comments on Paul Ohm’s.

My latest column for Wired News is Politics Get Caught in the Web. In the column, I point to multiple instances of political campaigns’ cybersquatting, errant uploading, haphazard clicking, and site crashing. Then I ask, if these people want to run our government, shouldn’t they be expected to be able to use the internet without getting in trouble first? The answer, sadly, is no. The law is so disconnected from reality, complicated and strange, and campaigns are such aggressive disseminators and collectors of information, that they are bound to make mistakes. Click to read more.

My latest Wired News column is up: Peace and Privacy in the Pacific. Its been fun doing these from Japan, though it hasn’t stopped the usual barrage of dumb comments and jingoistic accusations. There must be a better way to get through to my readers.

The podcast of “Making a Revolution” is up!

can be found here.