The ABA is having a conference on Computing and the Law June 25th and 26th. Here’s the schedule (pdf). I’ll be speaking on the 26th about the future of law and the internet. Looks like it should be an interesting event.

Symposium Graphic

This symposium is free, and you get eight MCLEs for it. See you there!

Beyond a Physical Conception of the Fourth Amendment:
Search and Seizure in the Digital Age

Stanford Law School
January 26th, 2007

* Can the government search your computer without a warrant?
* Can they obtain your personal information from your Internet service provider?
* Is it constitutional for the cops to track your movements?

Hear what the experts have to say, and let them know your opinions, through our symposium: Beyond a Physical Conception of the Fourth Amendment: Search and Seizure in the Digital Age. Top technology and privacy experts from across the country will argue about the Internet, criminal procedure, RFID, and the Constitution.

Best of all, you can participate! Five authors’ drafts will appear on the symposium website for commenting before (and after) the live event. Read, respond, and be heard in the live discussion!

Where: Stanford Law School
When: Friday, January 26th, 8:30 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.
Admission: free, and open to everyone!
Sponsors: the Stanford Technology Law Review, Center for Internet and Society, and Criminal Justice Center

Registration: let us know your name and whether you’re coming at techsymposium @!
We are hiring new fellows and a new Associate Director for the Fair Use Project. If you or someone you know would be good for the job, please apply/spread the word.

Someone sent me a case of fancy imported beer, including a big bottle of Corsendonk brown ale. Its a lovely gift. But there’s no card. If you sent this to me, reveal yourself!

Victory for cell phone users

… in the New York Times is entitled: Wal-Mart Plans to Test Online Films. Congratulations, Brad!

Benetech is a great company in Palo Alto dedicated to building technologies that help society. They are looking for new employees. Here’s their announcement from President Jim Fructerman’s email newsletter (links are mine):

To accomplish the great things we’ve promised our communities (and our funders!), we need help. This kind of help comes in all forms, but we’re particularly looking for technologists willing to join our team in Palo Alto. Under our new CTO, Patrick Ball (see my last President’s letter), we are building a tech team to work on our incredibly varied list of projects in literacy, human rights and the environment. If you know some brilliant developers who want to actually get paid to change the world, put them in touch with us.

None of my email about the Second Life column was flamey. CNBC interviewed me about it on the TeeVee yesterday evening. Did anyone see that segment?

There are two essential stories that readers interested in politics must be reading right now. The first is the comic Ex Machina by . The second is New York Times reporter Andrew Jacob’s serial about Newark, New Jersey’s new mayor, Cory Booker.

The Granick Slate Card is coming out early next week, with analysis and recommendations for the upcoming November 7th General Election. If you want to make sure you receive the Slate Card, sign up for the (extremely low traffic) mailing list by visiting here. The Granick Slate Card issues before every California election and is distributed under a Creative Commons license.

I’m taking my two hour required web class on workplace harassment for Supervisors. Here’s one of the quiz questions:

Case Study: Art Lovers
Lorie likes to decorate her workspace with picture postcards. Some of the pictures include nude people, but Lorie claims she bought all of the postcards in art museums.
Freddy likes to surf the Internet during his breaks. Sometimes, Freddy visits “adult” websites and looks at Playboy-type pictures. He always keeps his door shut so no one can see what he’s doing.

Are Lorie and Freddy behaving appropriately for work?

Here’s a press release from New College about how Democracy Now!’s Amy Goodman almost got to mention my alma mater on the Colbert Report. Goodman was at New College promoting her new book, Static

Unfortunately, I haven’t been keeping this site up to date as I’ve been blogging on the Stanford Law School Center for Internet and Society site.  To that end, here are my most recent posts:

The Unintended Consequences of CISPA

New Cybersecurity Bill Available

Revised Cybersecurity Act Needs Amendments for Privacy, Security

Thanks for following along.

While I was looking away, the odometer on The Shout rolled over 100,000. Hooray!

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