Unfortunately, I haven’t been keeping this site up to date as I’ve been blogging on the Stanford Law School Center for Internet and Society site.  To that end, here are my most recent posts:

The Unintended Consequences of CISPA

New Cybersecurity Bill Available

Revised Cybersecurity Act Needs Amendments for Privacy, Security

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Contact me if you want tickets for this worthy cause! BCPO Raffle 2012 Flyer

Happy new year, Friends. It is starting out to be a great 2012 for me. I’ve taken a position as General Counsel for Worldstar LLC and its flagship website (WSHH), voted top hip hop and urban culture website two years running by BET. In addition to the website, Worldstar operates a talent agency, video production company, dating site and is growing rapidly. They were a client of mine at ZwillGen PLLC, so I’m honored and thrilled to come on board full time.

Additionally, my new position allows me to continue work on the internet freedom and privacy issues so important to me: electronic surveillance, government privacy, computer security, coder’s rights and free speech .

So if you want to reach me, for WSHH matters or for any digital civil liberties issue, here’s my new contact information.

Jennifer Stisa Granick
Worldstar LLC General Counsel
Attorney at Law
350 Townsend Street, Ste. 612
San Francisco, CA 94107
tel 415-684-8111
fax 630-733-7653 or 424-298-8589
granick _at_ worldstarhiphop dot com
granicklaw _at_ granick dot com
personal twitter @granick
official worldstar twitter @worldstar

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Social Networks: Friends or Foes? I’m speaking at the conference hosted at UC Berkeley on October 23rd.  There are still spaces for people to register.  Also, its the day after EFF’s exciting Pioneer Awards  Tickets are on sale for that now, at a discount.  See you then!

Almost everyone I know asks me how EFF gets its money. Well, and we are a membership organization, which means that EFF depends on supporters like you for our budget. (And my job.) We are not, in fact, a foundation, nor does even half our money come from corporations or any large donor(s). So, for the end of this (pretty bad) economic year, EFF is running a friends and family membership drive that gives new members a deal on membership (and the schwag that comes with it). Go here to take advantage of it. Excelsior!

Thanks to all who have called or emailed, medical wondering where the Granick Slate Card is.  I have planned to issue it a week before Election Day, ambulance October 27th, so apologies to all those who wanted to vote early.  Next election I will issue it two weeks before to accommodate you better.

The Granick Slatecard will be out by midnight tonight.

The Granick Slate Card for Tuesday’s election is coming out later tonight, so if you want it without checking back here, make sure you are signed up.  Subscribe to the Slate Card here.

… is my birthday. I am thirty-eight.

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