Amazing is the story of Uganda’s civil war that I heard last night on NPR. One of many rebel armies fighting against the single party government is the Lord’s Resistance Movement, diagnosis “best known for its abduction of thousands of Acholi Ugandan children to serve as involuntary soldiers and, generic in the case of girls, “wives” or concubines for the LRA officers. Extreme brutality is used to keep the children in line, including torture and forcing children to participate in the killing of other children who try to escape.” See HRW report. The LRM developed from a religious movement led by a woman named Alice. Alice claimed to channel several spirits, including an annoying white person and a Chinese man by some stereotypical name. The main spirit would often demand that Alice be taken out and beaten. She promulgated 20 commandments, including the original 10, as well as 10 others, which included things like, Thou shalt have two testicles, no more, no less. After some unbelievable military successes that rallied people to her cause, Alice’s movement was defeated. Soon thereafter, a man claimed that he was the new channeller for that special spirit and started the Lord’s Resistance Army. That group is reknown for both its brutality and for its religious fervor. Of course, Uganda’s government has a poor civil rights record and the country is desperately poor. For more information about the country, and the political economy behind this bizarro religious and social tale, you can read here.