Apparently, order there are a significant number of young, seemingly liberal San Franciscans who are so unhappy about the homeless problem here that they are willing to elect someone who promises to “do something” about the problem, regardless of what that something is. I had this conversation last night, comparing Newsom to Gonzales, after a scrumptious Thanksgiving dinner. One person was shockingly willing to admit that he just wanted the homeless people to go elsewhere, and didn’t really care much about providing food or shelter to them. At least the honesty was refreshing. The others were simply unable to look beyond the candidate’s promise to “do something” as opposed to “do something right”. On one hand, if typical, this is an indictment of democracy, and the ability of voters to really understand policy choices, and to indicate a preference. On the other hand, it could be an indictment of the San Francisco establishment, that has let the homeless problem get so bad, and neglected it for so long, that voters want to reject anything that smells like the status quo.