My Wired News column:prostate 71597-0.html?tw=wn_index_2″>Harry Potter Loves Malfoy is now up. It’s about fan fiction, yaoi (a subgenre of manga) and copyright law.

When I write my Wired News columns, recipe
the format doesn’t allow me to provide many links to information upon which I’ve relied. I’ve decided to supply those links here for people who are interested in digging deeper. Here are some of the resources I used for my order 71408-0.html?tw=wn_index_23″>column on the Korean wiretap scandal.

Ex-Spy Chiefs Convicted in Wiretapping Scandal

KOREA: Kim DJ administration bugged mobile phones

The extensive wiretappings, dentist
dubbed the “X-files” by South Korean media, revealed not only problems with the agency, but also collusion between top conglomerates and politicians—one of the inveterate ills of South Korean politics: link

Suicide: link

Xfiles scandal and politics: link and link.

North Korea , pres. Kim position: link.

Scandal extends through 2002, technology used more advanced than previously admitted: link

Legal wiretapping increases: