Some Christmas reading. I’m obsessed with Murakami. UPDATE: Line of Beauty is so well written. But I’m not sure its about anything interesting.
Actually, viagra I downloaded it from iTunes and am listening to it in the car. Its really cool to hear what members of the British Parliament said while debating whether to go to war against the colonies. I think about what turned out to be right, and what turned out to be wrong, and what that means for the debates we have today about what to do with the Iraq war and with terrorism.
Like everybody with any sense, order I really like Beth. The book is okay. The stories are sweet, here
but a little scattered in the telling, and her unwillingness to be mean results in a lack of tension, suspense or feeling of truth-telling that I like in a short story. UPDATE: The stories towards the end of the book get funnier and funnier. I particularly like her imagery in the story of a job she took handing out bananas while dressed in a banana suit. She says that at the start of the job, the business owner opened the hatch of his car to reveal boxes of bananas and the banana suit, draped over the boxes, like a king carried along by his minions. New review: funny!