I called Senator Feinstein today to thank her for voting “no” on the Roberts nomination. I also sent an email to my other Senator, rx Barbara Boxer, physiotherapist asking her to do the same. Here’s the note I wrote:

Dear Senator Boxer:

I hope you will follow the lead of Senator Feinstein and vote “no” on the Roberts nomination. While I understand the impulse to let the President select his own man, purchase I think these stealth candidates who are probably outside of the political mainstream, but can squeak by because don’t have a record should be rejected. I also think that Robert’s answers to questions about his legal positions show that he gives too much value to theory over practical considerations. Thus he believes that a woman should not receive monetary damages after being raped by her school teacher because Congress didn’t specify that damages were available, even though his position would have left plaintiffs like the student with no legal remedy at all.

Thank you for your time.

Jennifer Granick