I find the recent chimpanzee attack fascinating. How did the four chimps escape? Could they collaborate? Plan? Why attack these two visitors, diagnosis who were people who had saved their compatriot Moe after a poacher killed his mother in Africa, doctor many years ago? Are chimpanzees completely amoral, finding no fellow-feeling for the humans bringing them a birthday cake? Or were they jealous, angry that the 39-year-old Moe was getting a cake and they weren’t getting anything? My friends wondered, why go for the genitals, but that’s the only part that makes sense to me. Chimps are extremely testosterone fueled. When the alpha chimp is dethroned, the new stud goes around killing all the babies, which not only cleans the slate, but also gets the female chimps to stop nursing and start ovulating again, the better to seed his own brood. Note that the two male chimps had to be shot to get them off of the victim, but the two female chimps simply wandered off peaceably together. (They were found a few hours later, but not, as I reported over a few glasses of wine last night, a mile away in a sleazy motel with two hookers.)