On Monday, find ex-Governor George Ryan (R) spoke here about his decision to impose a moratorium on Illinois’ death penalty, and eventually to commute the sentences of everyone on that death row. The story he tells is one of a simple, moral person guided by the principle that he has to be able to live with himself. Concerned when asked to sign the death warrant for a man following the exoneration of another man on Illinois death row, Ryan started to look into the criminal system, and he did not like what he saw. Though he signed that death warrant, Ryan eventually came to believe that the imposition of the death penalty was not only inaccurate, but immoral. The refrain in his speech was “I couldn’t understand why,” we rely on jailhouse snitches, why black defendant had all white juries, why minorities were disproportionately on death row. It reminded me of “The Fog of War”, another portrayal of a man who had done wrong grappling with the moral responsibility of an immense amount of power.