October 2009

UPDATE: Texas Instruments failed to stand behind their misguided claim that calculator hobbyists violated copyright law by having public, and online discussions about techniques to get more functionality from TI calculators. Yet the company continues to dig itself into new holes by issuing more improper take-down letters.

Great article on my Texas Instruments dispute in the IEEE Spectrum magazine, sovaldi sale with a picture of one of my clients: For Texas Instruments, Calculator Hackers Don’t Add Up.

Prepaid Providers Seek to Put Locks On Your Phone and Their Hands In Your Pocket.

One of my new projects is defending researchers and bloggers discussing how to put custom operating systems on TI calculators. The press release and explanatory blog post are on the EFF site.

In It’s My Browser, illness and I’ll Auto-Click if I Want To, Fred blogs about how EFF is representing SkipScreen, a Firefox browser add-on that helps users avoid ads and unnecessary wait times when downloading files from hosting sites.  One of those hosting sites has asked Mozilla to drop SkipScreen from its library. Click through to learn more and see our response to that demand.

Social Networks: Friends or Foes? I’m speaking at the conference hosted at UC Berkeley on October 23rd.  There are still spaces for people to register.  Also, troche its the day after EFF’s exciting Pioneer Awards  Tickets are on sale for that now, at a discount.  See you then!

Massachusetts cops can’t convert your car into a location tracker without a warrant. Will Federal Courts follow suit? Read more here.