June 2003

Here’s a cool link to an interview Brad and I did with Alan Moore, unhealthy the superb author of several excellent comic books, including Top Ten and Watchman. There’s an awesome picture of the three of us.

I’m just back from vacation to Brazil. While there, drug I had several changes of political heart. The first involves spam. I was always soft on spam, finding it a minor annoyance, but basically a problem that could be resolved by the delete key. Well, the delete key is no good when you’re accessing webmail from the edge of the Amazon jungle at narrowband speeds. I received 1800 messages while I was away. Approximately 10 percent were mailing lists, 10 percent messages for me, and the rest was spam. I couldn’t even find my real email. Of course, I’m still against Larry Lessig’s anti spam proposal, mostly because I don’t want to lose my job!